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Summer on Untersberg

Fabulous hiking trails and gastronomic huts.

Excessive treasures are hidden, dwarfs, giants and wild women are said to live on the mountain Untersberg. So it is at least in legendary stories. And the most famous legend is that of Emperor Karl in Untersberg.

The mountain itself is a very beloved destination by hikers, climbers, aviators as well as those seeking relaxation. There are numerous hiking trails and cultivated huts, experienced

mountaineers take the via ferrata and their paths lead to alpine terrain.

It goes conveniently from St. Leonhard near Grödig with the Untersbergseilbahn at 1,770 meters above sea level. The Untersbergbahn is in daily operation in summer; it runs every half an hour. On top awaits you a unique panorama that every Salzburg visitor should see at least once!

The legend of the Emperor Karl in Untersberg

"The emperor sleeps so long in Untersberg until the empire’s distress has grown the highest and the ravens no longer fly around the summit. Then, according to legend, the Emperor appears and rides with his entourage to the pear tree in Walserfeld. There the "last battle between good and evil" takes place and holds court under the pear tree. " (Wikipedia)


The legendary "pear tree in Walserfeld" can be seen from the Rupertigau*** and reached in a few minutes!