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The thermal renovation of our hotel

Towards the future with ecological awareness!

As part of the 2050 project, we have also carried out a thermal renovation of our building. The optimization of the entire building envelope included the insulation of the facade, the floor slabs and the roof and the installation of reliably insulated windows and doors. Furthermore, we were also able to energetically optimize our hotel & restaurant by renewing the entire electrical system of the hotel and using energy-efficient interior lighting. We are very pleased that we can use these measures to reduce our annual emissions by around 95 tons.

As part of our thermal expansion, we have also converted our heating system to a central wood pellet plant. Compared to our previous heat supply by means of an oil central heating, we can now save 90 tons of CO2 per year. In contrast to fossil fuels, such as oil, our pellets are made of wood - a raw material whose reserves increase annually in Austria.

But why can we actually reduce our CO2 emissions so much? Wood absorbs the same amount of CO2 from the air when it grows, which is also released during combustion. For this reason, these wood fuels ensure that the CO2 concentration in the air does not increase. Although some fossil energy needs to be used to produce and transport wood pellets, total CO2 emissions are reduced by about 95%, taking these factors into account. Furthermore, the entire combustion process is also very clean - the reason for this is the combination of the dry co-firing material with a hot combustion chamber and the combustion air, which is electronically controlled.

Source and more detailed information: ProPellets Austria