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Salzburg Festivals

All eyes are on Salzburg...

and the world's most important festival of classical music and performing arts: During the festival season there is a very special flair in Salzburg.  Everywhere in the city there is music, people talking  in fine wardrobes and drinking champagne, and Hofstallgasse, the festival center, turns into a meeting place for music and art lovers from all over the world. The celebrities are in front of the Great Festival Hall, the Felsen equestrian school and the house of Mozart, with big camera lenses of filmmakers and photographers always focused on them. At the cathedral square, the stage for "Jedermann" is arranged, for which the Salzburg cathedral with the mighty double tower façade of white marble offers the impressive theatrical background.

The „Jedermann“ is a must-see; one should acquire the tickets months in advance – or choose any out of the two hundred events on the drama, opera and concert program!