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For the environment, for the future

Salzburg 2050

Living in a climate-conscious and energy-conscious way

Our Hotel & Restaurant Rupertigau*** is a "SALZBURG 2050 Partner Company" - and thus one of the 15 climate and energy-conscious companies in the state of Salzburg.

The partner companies registered in this program of the province of Salzburg contribute in a directional manner to the realization of the climate and energy strategy SALZBURG 2050. As such, they meet very specific, energy-efficient and climate-friendly measures - every company according to its potential and in different ways.

Why did we choose to participate? Temperature records have clearly shown that global warming is an already existing phenomenon - even in Salzburg. As a hotel that needs a lot of energy, we see it as our task to deal with the consequences of climate change in advance. We see the SALZBURG 2050 program as a way of preventing climate change and its negative consequences.

The climate and energy strategy SALZBURG 2050 was adopted by the government in 2012 and has since been regarded as the overall strategy of the province`s climate and energy policy. As part of this, a target path was set by 2050 with concrete intermediate targets for the years 2020, 2030 and 2040.

Source and further information: Climate and Energy Strategy SALZBURG 2050