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Casino & Nightlife

Rien ne va plus, no more bets?

Not at Casino Salzburg, where everything is possible! On the hunt for millions in the unique ambience of the baroque castle Klessheim, which you can reach in just 10 minutes by car from the Rupertigau ***.Poker, roulette, blackjack and macau baccarat - the cards are shuffled, the slot machines are in full swing and the balls roll  tirelessly. For casino visitors there are always new events available: Whether Ladies Night, "lucky find in the treasure chest" or Cashmonday, a look at the event calendar is worthwhile! The Casino Restaurant “Cuisine” offers culinary delights and you can have a drink at the Event-Bar.

Go out, dance, have a drink or more - the city also pulses at night, the Salzburg nightlife is versatile and offers a suitable setting for young and young at heart. The city is in night mode but it is not yet time to sleep - the variety of clubs, pubs and bars in the streets and alleys of the city center are awaiting you. Some also offer smaller stages for art and concerts, such as the Rockhouse or the Escobar, and the nice city cafes and specialty restaurants are where you "warm up" to party in the city. To get back to the Rupertigau***, it is advisable to take a taxi!