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Your hosts

The family business celebrates its anniversary!

Rupertigau*** was built 40 years ago as an inn with room rental. We, Matthias and Birgit Berger as well as Maria Fuchsreiter, are the second generation running the family business. Our children are already helping out too - there is always a lot to do, after all! Our company is rooted in Salzburg and is closely connected to the neighboring Bavaria, in particular to the Rupertiwinkel, which also led to the naming of "Rupertigau".

Of course, we kept the name - and there are certain reasons why the cereal ear has become our symbol:

It was an agricultural area on which Rupertigau*** was built four decades ago. This is reminiscent of a photo, the last photograph that was made at the harvest on the former cornfield. This image is a very special memory for us and was the reason why we have chosen the cereal ear as our symbol.

The cereal ear can be seen in many different spots of the hotel . Moreover, we have found it suitable to incorporate it into the Rupertigau*** logo because with it, the future fits in with the past! By the way, the "old" photo has been given a place of honor in our restaurant. See for yourself!